Sunday, March 26, 2023

Creating Autobots

These famous warriors need turning into generic soldiers. The chunky Prime figure will make a nice 'heavy'. I used some green stuff to cover his chest and make him look like a different character.
I went through some old toys and managed to find a few bits for kit bashing. Looks like this guy is actually a firefighter. Now I just need a name...

I first fell in love transformers in 1984 when I watched the cartoon. I never collected the toys as I was slightly too old. However, this never stopped me making a roleplaying game of the brand and becoming a fanboy of the universe. It even shaped my animation career as I would watch the cartoons and work out timings in the drawings. In a way, I owe everything to this cartoon. 

Creating a force for a wargame seems like it has come full circle.

I mapped out a very basic fighting force for Xenos Rampant. There was always less Deceptions, but they were always bigger and more warlike.

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