Friday, March 31, 2023

Autobot Re-enforcement

The mighty Sky fire joins the meger forces of the down trodden Autobots. The model is from action figure range and is a perfect fit with the scale.
To make the figures more individual, I've started to add Plasticard extras. These have been done with the old cartoon designs in mind.

Hopefully, these extra bits and pieces along with different colour schemes, will give the impression of a vast selection of warriors. 

Making more bases to keep up with recruitment. The big question is do I paint the Autobot bases gold or leave them Cybertron purple. The colour would make it easier to tell the two sides apart. I will do some tests to see what it looks like.

UPDATE: Lightbulb moment for new characters.
While messing around with making bases, I had the idea of changing the height of some of the bots.
I liked the idea of painting up the medical officer Ratchet, but also making him larger so he matches the cartoon. 

I had already started to beef this bot up, but the idea of a larger bot lead to him getting a new pair of platform shoes. I also made a special base with higher blocks on it to help with the illusion.

New plasticard legs and boots.

 This model is actually meant to be Ratchet from the live action film. However, all the toys are the same size so they need some altering to fit their cartoon heights.
Once the glue is dry, I will file the edges of the feet down to  tidy them up. This is a good way of adding some variety to the ranks of identical troops. I also want to make Brawn using a smaller bot as a frame. The thick plasticard arms will definitely come in handy for him.
New feet and base and the taller, beefed up Ratchet is ready to take the fight to the Decepticons. I also added thick chunks of plasticard to his arms to help him stand out. At a glance, he definitely looks like a new character, especially with his additional helmet shape. Once painted there will be no mistaking Ratchet in the game.
I think Xenos Rampant has rules for medics too which will be handy.
The classic G1 Ratchet. He has had many new versions since 1984, but I will use this one to influence his colour scheme.

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