Sunday, April 24, 2011

Spray Can Method

Early days yet, but I hope this saves me some time. The rest of the Legion's cloaks were painted using Foundry's Bay Brown range. So I guess we'll just have to see If this lot fit in ok.

Figures from Companion Miniatures. A nice range of figures adapted from Mark Copplestone's range of Caesarians for Foundry.

My only moan is they are priced quite high and the Centurions have MASSIVE crests. I was lucky enough to pick this lot up a few years ago at Salute. I knew they would come in handy one day. " Just don't even go there Lucious"


Allan and Carmen said...

Love the Cartoon.

A bit "Queer Eye for the Roman Guy" - lol

Happy Gaming,


Ken said...

Time for the chap on the right to get a bloody haircut -whats this legion coming to?



DeanM said...

Your spray method should work well as a base - are you planning to dip your figures or shade by hand? Regards, Dean

Curt said...

Good 'toon! I have a bunch of those castings as well and agree, they're great except the 'Pipi Longstocking' centurion is bit over the top.

"Gaius, do you think this crest makes my @ss look big?"


Ray Rousell said...

Although they're 15mm, I've been spraying my Brit army for the FIW, in red, it saves so much time, you'd wouldn't belive!

Conrad Kinch said...

I've been experimenting with spray - but I don't reckon my results will be as good as yours.

Secundus said...

Thanks Guys, I'll be brushing them with 'Dip' strong tone after I've painted the base colours. I might try a couple and see how well they match the rest of the Legion. If they don't really fit in, I'll just paint them the old fashioned way. It's a bit work in process at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Good job! What type of spray paint did you use?


Almost Anonymous

Secundus said...

They are pictured within the post, the large one is from Army Painter (leather Brown).

Scutatus said...

Gives a new meaning to "bad hair day".