Tuesday, December 07, 2021

Another Quality Product

A little while ago after seeing the quality of their work, I emailed Two sheds Fred to see about placing a commission. I had seen some lovely hills in their Facebook site but asked if I could add some rocks and scree to them. Well they received the email and made these fantastic hills, better than I was hoping for to be honest.

I’ve only looked at one of the four commissioned, as I’ve put them aside for a Christmas present to myself. I just had a peak at one and as you can see, it’s great.

I asked for the rocks as I think they look very Middle Earth and should tie in with my ‘Hobbit’ armies. I also asked for little land slides of scree, as this just adds a bit more detail and colour to the hills.
A Hill troll enjoys stomping around his very own hill. It’s so nice to see him happy after all these years.
I love the detail.
They also came nicely packed for safety, this is handy as I will keep them in the box until I move and can store them properly.

Very nice product and a great Christmas present to the forces of good. They will stand on these and unleash arrow death on the approaching armies of Gundabad. Well, that’s the plan away.


Ray Rousell said...

What a great looking hill!

Biblicrafts Miniatures said...

Very nice item!