Saturday, May 28, 2022

A Lucky Find

While buying some more Tamiya paints in the local hardware store, I was swept away by this beauty.

 On checking the bristles, they were a perfect size for throwing spears/ javelins. When choosing these brushes for spears etc, you have to gage it by eye. It can be a little hit or miss but it pays to check the brush section once in a while.

I used the same method as before, squeezing and cutting the flattened bristle to shape. Now I have three sizes of bristles for every occasion.

The ones I had been using before were good for heavy war spears, these new spears have a more realistic scale to them. Something that will come in useful with the 28mm Arthurian and Saxon armies.
Here is a little update on the head hunters while the camera was out. The new Sauron shoulder pieces seem to be working well. I'll have to use this method when the other plastic Orc kits come out and I want some elite Mordor Uruks.



Abrasapuentes said...

Mucho ánimo con este nuevo paso en tu proyecto. Me gusta mucho el concepto de “Cazadores de Cabeza”. Deseando ver los siguientes avances.

fireymonkeyboy said...

I'm pretty sure this community is defined by its capacity for delight in discovering the perfect broom. I share your joy ;)