Sunday, May 01, 2022

Goblin bows

Another batch of greasy skinned Goblins gets a brush with Army Painter Dark tone.

 I found my can had set solid and I had to dig around with a screw driver to reach the good stuff. It was still very thick so I added some terps to it and it seemed to brush on fine. I quickly packed it away before my wife caught drift of the smell.

I don't mind using the stain on these orcs as it helps to darken them all down and make them look very drab.

These are part of an Orc attack column which are armed with spears. After a bit of thought I wanted some missile troops to sprinkle in amongst them.

I find that this Dark tone drys in half the time as the others, so these could be up and running tomorrow.

 I felt good about making up these extra archers because most of them are made from the unused spider rider torsos and legs. I simply stuck the legs on a piece of plastic and there you go, you have another foot soldier. These plastic Goblins are from the Wargames Atlantic box set with green stuff details added. 
I hate seeing bits go to waste so these archers helped me squeeze the most out of the box set.


Jim Jackaman said...

Those look excellent..very Middle Earth. Where are the figures from?

Secundus said...

Hi Jim, they are from Wargames Atlantic with lots of green cloaks etc .The kit comes with loads of head options so it's pretty good for converting other kits too

Aly Morrison said...

More lovely toys sir…
These chaps look really characterful indeed…
It is so frustrating when your tin of varnish/dip just decides to set solid…seemingly overnight… it’s not the first time I have had to ‘dig’ down until I can salvage enough for my needs and it probably won’t be the last… I’m surprised they don’t have use before dates on them 😁.

All the best. Aly