Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Orc Assualt Columns

After a morning of matt varnishing, the assualt columns are ready to rumble forward. They are armed with nasty looking pikes and spears, they also have many archers in their ranks to bring death from above.

Here we can see the 'wolf's Teeth' banner of the assualt columns.

I had a few figures left over that I couldn't fit into the bases. I'll paint up some more to bring these up to strength. These will be Orcs with large swords and make up the third column of attack.

The Oathmark boys, it only seemed right to base this command group together.
Archers bring scattered showers of arrows down on the heads of the enemy.

I must paint up a headless body to go with this base.
The Wolf's Teeth advance forward to attack Dale. 

You can see here I just need a few more to finish a third column.

Terrified Orcs are forced forward by fanitical captains.

Nishrat's first day at school.



Aly Morrison said...

My goodness what a splendid collection of beastly orcs…

All the best. Aly

Abrasapuentes said...

Impresionante, una columna de ataque orca realmente impresionante, capta maravillosamente el espíritu de El Señor de los Anillos. Bravo.