Sunday, May 29, 2022

Orc Head Hunters WIP

Hack, hack,hack. Orc long swords clear the way.
I created long sharp looking blades from flattened brush bristles, these match the ones carried by the Copplestone Half-orcs. I always thought the Colin Patten Ragnarok Goblins and the Mark Copplestone Half-orcs would go well together.

Also in the mix are some very old Citadel Orc figures (Fantasy Tribes), aswell as the brand new Ragnarok sculpts.

The skulls and heads are subtle but should be noticeable when based.
A few Oathmark Goblin leaders got roped in too. I don't know why I held off for so long before using them, this unit of elites seems a worthy home for them. They are sculpted by Mark Copplestone too, so they fit right in next to his Half-orcs from the Nineties.
I still need to Matt varnish the large standard, The giant Orc is from Reaper Miniatures. It's a great sculpt, that calls upon the Angus McBride MERP illustrations again for influence. 
Both the Warlord Games and the Wargames Atlantic plastics do the same. Who would have thought the old Osprey books illustrator would have such a huge impact on the look of Middle Earth figures. The old Icon orcs for LOTR also are styled on his illustrations. This is very handy, as a lot of different manufacturers can be put together with their style of armour matching.
Maybe it should be this unit of beserkers that goes in front of the other two assualt columns. It would make more sense that way.


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