Tuesday, May 10, 2022

Ragnarok Orcs.

Here are some of the lovely Ragnarok Orcs next to a Wargames Atlantic plastic Goblin. As you can see they go well together.

Here is a line up of Oathmark human, Ragnarok Orc, Dark age human/Elf, Oathmark Elf.
The Orc affensive grows with more dipped fowl folk. I'm trying to do six a day to crack these units.

As the new lot of Ragnarok Orcs have jumped the painting queue, it looks like I might have enough for two assualt columns in the end. These dipped Goblins are from Oathmark and Grenadier.

They follow my normal painting plan, where big leaders have very dark skin. The lesser Orcs are lighter browns. This is meant to represent the black Uruks of Mordor being given officer roles.



Grenzer John said...

Your work is incredible!

James said...

Damn, I'd love to play with this collection!

Mr Ballista said...

Ragnarok orcs look great - I love Colin Patten's style. I'm sure you've seen the norse dwarves he did for Conqueror Miniatures? Proper lovely....