Saturday, May 07, 2022

Happy Dayz

well what a day, not one but two great fantasy deliverys today. The first was the fantastic orcs/goblins from Colin Pattern. These have caused quite a stir on line as they are perfect for Tolkien orcs.
There are about five sets of these Goblins from Ragnarok, however, the best for Orcs are these armoured ones.

The second parcel was the long awaited Wood Elves from Black Tree Design. I ordered these a long time ago, however the owner of the company has been very ill. I thought the best bet was just to wait and today they turned up, I was not disappointed.
These are the figures I based my own Elf sculpting on by trying to copy the apron style armour and designs. I know a lot of the Tolkien purists will not like the film influenced glaives, but they will do for a unit of elite guard.

They have lovely detail and are definitely Wood Elves with lots of leafy goodness and scale mail.

These guys with the big swords are the Royal guard but I also bought a few archers too. They will make a nice elite unit of Line breakers for Oathmark.

Lovely detail on these figures.
One of the sets I ordered was the Elf king and his court. I just love this set as it is full of Tolkien goodness. I already had a good king figure picked out but this king set comes with lovely little extras.

The actual Elf king is great, but he looks more like he is in his palace than on a battlefield. I may have to use the other war like one from Reaper Miniatures.


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